Let’s commit 7 days together and start your day with Jesus! 

Starting your day with Jesus, can be just what you need to feel the unconditional love He has for you. 

Each morning, you will feel the presence of God that settles your soul and calms your spirit. As you journal your thoughts, know that He hears you and wants to equip you for the day. 

The 7 Day Devotional will fire you up and strengthen your relationship with God so you can climb higher in life! 

Each day will bring you more clarity, more joy, and more strength, over all areas of your life! 


Hi, I’m Kelley Tyan, your faith fueled coach and mentor! 

As an author, podcaster, and speaker, I help women develop a strong faith in God and in themselves. 

Addicted To The Climb is a simple concept: helping you move from fear to faith so you can climb one more step higher.

My faith and love for Jesus over the years have brought me to where I am today, and for that, I am grateful.

I am so excited for you to dive into this devotional to start your own faith journey or enhance your walk with me!

Little fun fact about me: My favorite things in life are Jesus, my family, and my Peloton bike!!

Let’s get to know each other more starting now!


Let’s commit 7 days together and start your day with Jesus!