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I'm Kelley Tyan, Your Faith-Fueled Success Coach!


Learn how to fuel up on God so you can live an abundant and successful life.......just the way HE intended you to!


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The battles you are facing right now might seem exhausting, or even fearful, but you have everything inside you to keep on climbing and keep showing up. Kelley shares over thirty personal stories to encourage you to keep going, no matter what.

Hi, I'm Kelley!

If my 20 years in health, fitness, leadership, and coaching have taught me anything, it is that the key to success is having a strong faith and letting God into ALL areas of life!  


I am passionate about helping you find success, God's way.  You know that girlfriend that is always encouraging you and cheering you on to become your best self? That’s me! 

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Before all the magazine ads, the published articles, and the championship titles from fitness competitions, I was extremely unhealthy inside my body. 

I suffered from migraines since childhood and although I always exercised, my food habits consisted of fast food, ice cream, pizza, and  salty chips. 
Getting fit in my physical body came right after finding out I had breast cancer.  Hearing this was a shock to my system, however, it empowered me to start showing up differently for myself and those I was coaching. 
Bringing my faith into my fitness has been a game-changer for me to see and accept myself as Christ sees me. I no longer focus on all my “flaws”, instead, I have learned to love the body God gave me while learning how to fuel it properly. Letting go of body shame and not feeling like I have to be perfect has been extremely rewarding. This is how I want all the woman working with me to feel. 

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Let's get rid of the negative self talk, low self esteem, and start seeing yourself the way God sees you: beautiful, capable, and loved.  
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Connect with me and like minded faith fueled women on your journey to better health in mind and body. Get inspired through Bible studies, mini workouts, nutrition tips, and meet new friends.  We are here to encourage, inspire, and motivate each other God's way!


Addicted To The Climb Podcast

Every Monday I drop a NEW show for you to be inspired and to get you climbing higher in your own life with God by your side.  

Addicted To The Climb is a movement for women that are breaking free from fear and judgement, and finding freedom to live in faith and abundance.   


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My amazing programs will help you reset and train your mind and body - God's way!


Addicted To The Climb Book

Faith-based fitness entrepreneur Kelley Tyan wants you to keep taking steps forward and upward, even when you are at wits end. (Or, feel like there is nothing left inside you)



My clients are the reason I LOVE what I do!

"Kelley truly cares about her clients health, both physically and mentally. She is so positive and has helped me see that there is light at the end of the tunnel with hard work and consistency. She always keeps me on track and accountable through her weekly check-in‘s and she motivates me to work harder week after week. "

Teresa DiStefano

"Kelley Tyan is an amazing woman through and through. Knowing her for more than 10 years, I have learned so much information for living a better life!"

Happy Client
Living A Better Life!

"I wouldn't be where I am without your guidance Kelley, AND you have instilled confidence in me that I can maintain on my own. BUT if I recognize that I am slipping and need your help again, I can call on you. What more could I ask for of a coach?"

Jen Daly
What More Could I Ask For?

"I had a doctor appointment this morning, and since I started with you 4 weeks ago, I'm down 12 lbs with jeans on and everything! Thank you Kelley!"

Happy Client
Down 12 Pounds in 4 Weeks!

"You have always been a motivator! #nononsense #goalgetter I will never forget how you helped me, held me as your own, as family! Thanks Kel, and I will continue to watch your growth!"

A Motivator!



Let’s fuel your fitness journey through faith!


If you are a woman searching for God in a deeper way, or looking to start a new health journey with a proven weight loss system to jump start you, let’s do it together! 
When you start seeing yourself the way God sees you, you will start showing up differently each day. 

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